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International organisations and projects

red. Dorota Antos

Projects since 2018

- Scaling up of protein chromatography, 2017-2020, HARMONIA U-5344/G (UMO-2016/22/M/ST8/00193).
- Mathematical modeling of chromatographic process dynamics for proteins with unstable structure,  2018-21,  OPUS NCN.CI.18.001 (UMO-2017/27/B/ST8/00385).
- Crystallization of monoclonal antibodies by evaporation in forced convection, supervisor of PRELUDIUM, NCN -  leader Michal Kołodziej
- Separation of enantiomeric mixtures of pharmaceutically active substances using hybrid processes of achiral and chiral chromatography and achiral crystallization, 2021-2023,  OPUS NCN.CI.22.001 (UMO-2021/41/B/ST8/00631

Since 2014: Member (scientific partner) of Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology (ACIB).
2016: Member of scientific committee of International Symposium on Preparative and Industrial Chromatography and Allied Techniques (SPICA) 2016, permanent member since 2018.
Since 2017: Member of Advisory Editorial Board of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Wiley.