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Personal data


2012: Full professor

2003: Doctor habilitata, Otto-von-Guericke Universitaet in Magdeburg, Germany;  field of study: adsorption and chromatography; title of dissertation: “Gradient techniques in preparative chromatography”
1998: Doctor, Technical University of Wrocław, Poland; title doctor in the field of technical science; title of the dissertation: “Dynamics of preparative chromatographic column” awarded by Wroclaw University as first class honors
1987: M.Sc.: Rzeszów University of Technology, Poland; title master of science in chemical engineering, title of dissertation “Deactivation of catalyst in heterogeneous catalysis”

Professional Experience:

Since 2004: professor of Rzeszów University of Technology, Rzeszow, Poland;

1998-2003: adjunct at Rzeszów University of Technology, Chemical Faculty, Chemical Engineering Department,

1998-1990: assistant at Rzeszów University of Technology, Chemical Faculty, and Chemical Engineering Department


lecturer in Chemical Faculty; leader of research group in Chemical and Process Engineering Department , supervisor of diploma and PhD students. 

List of lectures:

Bioreactors, Chemical and Process Thermodynamics, Heat Transport and Heat Exchangers, Separation of Biomolecules

Research Grants/Fellowships:

2003,2008:  Grants of the Polish State Committee for Scientific Research for research in the field of chromatography separations

2005: Fulbright grant in University of Virginia
1999-2001: Fellowship in Max-Planck-Institute for the post-doc position (two years)
1997: Fellowship in Dipartimento di Chimica Fisica Applicata at Politechnico di Milano (five months)

Honors and Awards:

1999, 2009: Group prizes for research achievements from Rector of Rzeszów University of Technology

2005: praise founded by Rector of Rzeszów University of Technology for the habilitation thesis “Gradient techniques in preparative chromatography” (2003) and for successful acceptation of the thesis by polish scientific committee (2004).

1999: Individual prize for PhD thesis founded by Polish Minister of Education

Memberships and Affiliations:

A member of the Faculty Board of Chemical Faculty, Rzeszow University of Technology (since 2004)
A member of Dean Board as a vice-dean of Chemical Faculty, Rzeszow University of Technology (2005-2008)

A member of Austrian Center for Industrial Biotechnology

A member of scientific committee of PREP symposium

Head of the Chair of Chemical and Process Engineering (since acad. year  2014-2015)